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“The piece Insensetaz (How Insensitive) (Jobim / De Moraes) carries a special meaning for me. I would like to dedicate it
to my parents, in gratitude for their eternal love.”
– Eyran

For immediate Release: Pianist Eyran Katsenelenbogen Releases Highly Anticipated New Solo Album, Outstandards

Attention: Jazz Broadcast and Printed Media

Andover, MA – June 1, 2019 – Eyran Records announces the release of master jazz pianist Eyran Katsenelenbogen’s highly anticipated new solo album, Outstandards.


“I would like to thank the wonderful students at the New England Conservatory Preparatory School for inspiring many of the pieces on Outstandards and their arrangements.” – Eyran

In Outstandards, pianist Eyran Katsenelenbogen presents jazzy renditions of classical cornerstones such as Für Elise (Beethoven) and Mozart’s Piano Sonata in C major alongside jazz classics such as Tea for Two (Youmans / Caesar) and Cheek to Cheek (Berlin). Katsenelenbogen also revisits on Outstandards Chick Corea’s Armando’s Rhumba, which was released on his CD Solotude in 2005 and delivers an intimate performance of Insensatez (How Insensitive) (Jobim / De Moraes). Prior to their recording for the CD, all the pieces on Outstandards were performed extensively during Eyran’s concert tours in China in 2014 and 2016. 


“The piece Insensetaz (How Insensitive) (Jobim / De Moraes) carries a special meaning for me. I would like to dedicate it to my parents, in gratitude for their eternal love.” – Eyran


Praise for Eyran Katsenelenbogen:

All About Jazz: Perhaps Katsenelenbogen is most in league with [Art]Tatum for this fact: he sets the bar towards which other pianists must strive. – Jay Deshpande

Cadence: He is a passionate man who feels deeply, and he has the talent to express those feelings through his playing. You can not help but be moved by his performance. – Frank Rubolino We are truly fortunate that Eyran has chosen to display his talents as both a performer and teacher, and hopefully to bestow them upon listeners and students alike for many years to come. – Andrea Canter

Since 1989 Eyran has been working on his book, One Time, a philosophical diary spanning three decades of his life.

Quotes from One Time by Eyran Katsenelenbogen:

“Music is the Language of Love” (2016)

”When the world would sink under your feet, art shall remain the sole island on which you will stand” (2017)

“Musical virtuosity is not the ability to play something fast, but to learn it slowly” (2018)

Kickstarter Campaign

In conjunction with the release of Outstandards, Eyran Records has also initiated the International Outstandards CD Release Concert Event Kickstarter Campaign. This campaign, which will end on Sunday, July 21, 2019, has been established in order to fund the production, recording and worldwide live-streaming of Eyran Katsenelenbogen's new solo piano album official 2020 CD release concert.



Requests for artist press packet including Outstandards review / airplay copy may be directed to Eyran Katsenelenbogen Management:

Booking & Marketing Contacts:
Eyran Records Concert Manager
Eyran Records Public Relations Director
 Eyran Katsenelenbogen Management
Phone 00 1 617 267 2648
E-Mail: • Web:


Track Listing:

  1. Libertango (Piazzolla / Arr. Katsenelenbogen) Downtown Dlj Obo Curci Usa Music Publishing, S D R M;
    S.I.A.E. Direzione Generale (3:23)

  2. Für Elise (Beethoven / Arr. Katsenelenbogen) Eyran Records Publishing (3:15)

  3. Sonata No. 16 in C major K. 545: I. Allegro (Mozart / Arr. Katsenelenbogen)
    Eyran Records Publishing (3:50)

  4. Prelude in C-sharp minor Op. 3, No. 2 (Rachmaninoff / Arr. Katsenelenbogen)
    Eyran Records Publishing (6:18)

  5. Hungarian Dance No. 5 (Brahms / Arr. Katsenelenbogen) Eyran Records Publishing (3:29)

  6. Cheek to Cheek (Berlin) Irving Berlin Music Company (3:35)

  7. Tea for Two (Youmans / Caesar) WB Music Corp. Obo Irving Caesar Music Corp; WB Music Corp. (3:29)

  8. Prelude in C minor, BWV 847 and Improvisation (Bach / Arr. Katsenelenbogen)
    Eyran Records Publishing (6:09)

  9. Armando's Rhumba (Corea) Universal Music Corp. Obo Litha Music Co. (3:46)

  10. Theme for Ernie (Lacey / Stevens) Prestige Music (5:36)

  11. Insensatez (How Insensitive) (Jobim / De Moraes) Songs of Universal Inc. (4:03)

  12. Chega de Saudade ( (Jobim / De Moraes) Corcovado Music Corp.; VM Enterprises Inc. (6:35)

  13. The Windmills of Your Mind (Legrand) Emi U Catalog Inc. (7:28)

  14. Just You, Just Me (Greer / Klages) Emi April Music Inc. Obo Ole Grand Films (2:27)

Total Time: 63:23


Production information:

Eyran Katsenelenbogen performs on a Steinway & Sons D 9’ concert grand piano.

Recorded on June 25, 2014 and December 16, 2016 at Shalin Liu Performance Center, Rockport, MA.
Audio Engeneer: Thomas Stephenson, Emmanuel Audio Recording, Boston, MA.
Editing and Mastering: Vincere Sylph, Vincere Sylph Productions, Andover, MA.
Disc Image: Mark Donahue, Soundmirror, Inc., Boston, MA.
Artist Photography: Vincere Sylph.
Still Image from Video: Richard Malcolm.
Replication: Superdups, Salem, NH.
Produced by: Eyran Katsenelenbogen.
Eyran Records 9030 © ℗ 2019 Eyran Records. All rights reserved. Unauthorized copying, hiring, lending, public performance and broadcasting of this recording prohibited.
Barcode: 663330903023


This project was made possible with funding from New England Conservatory



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