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Private lessons with a master pianist
Complimentary introductory session
Reasonable rates. Flexible scheduling.


Join Eyran's private studio from anywhere in the world for the most fun, inspiring, inviting and informative piano lessons ever! All ages, levels and music styles welcome. Non-pianists invited.

"My experience with online teaching has been truly wonderful! I have found online lessons to be a very effective form of supervised practicing, allowing me to guide you as you work on your pieces, focus your attention on specific topics and direct you. Playing together with my students and our memorable musical conversations are a true source of inspiration, which I am looking forward to share with you.

I am looking forward to meeting with you soon and starting our wonderful work together at the piano. If you are interested in additional information or have any questions in this regard please let me know."
                                                                   - Eyran

Some of the topics covered in our lessons:


  • Solo and ensemble training

  • Jazz, classical and popular repertoire

  • Ear Training

  • Music theory

  • Dynamics, phrasing, articulation

  • Soloing and improvising  in various styles

  • and much, much more...

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Jazz Ear-Training Music Class with Eyran
Improve your ear-training skills and music theory knowledge while developing your musicianship in an inspiring, fun and affordable small group setting.

The class will meet via Zoom once a week at a regular time which will be scheduled based on the scheduling needs of all participating students. Each class will be recorded and uploaded to the cloud so that you could view it if you were not able to attend or review it as needed. We will utilized well known jazz standards as vehicles for working on all the musical aspects related to ear-training and Jazz theory.

Some of the topics covered in this class:


  • Intervals

  • Triads

  • Seventh chords

  • Tensions (9, 11, 13) and Altered Tensions (b9, #9, #11, b13)

  • Scales and modes

  • Soloing and trading

  • Rhythmic dictations

  • Polyrhythms

  • and much, much more...

I am looking forward to welcoming you to our Jazz Ear-Training Music Class and working together with you on developing our skills and growing our musicianship. - Eyran

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